White Mountain Apache Tribal Chairman

Ronnie Lupe

Photo by Naseyowma Photography

Chairman Ronnie Lupe has served the Apache people throughout most of his adult life as a Council representative or as Chairman. He has also served our country as a United States Marine soldier and served during the Korean War. Today, Chairman Lupe humbly and actively advocates in improving the general welfare of the White Mountain Apache Tribe; its people, land, and future.

Chairman Lupe is also a devoted family man. He is a father, husband, grandfather, great-grandfather, and uncle to many. He devotes a great deal of time to the Apache traditional lifestyle. He has associated himself with many close-knit family ties from god-daughters and its special relations. He was raised in Cibecue where his parents and elders from his childhood had a deep connection to the historic Apache customs that we have come to read about today.
Ronnie Lupe, Tribal Chairman has been Chairman for more than 30 years. Under his leadership, the White Mountain Apache Tribe has progressed and its foundation has grown noticeably. Chairman Lupe is a family man, a veteran, and a fluent Apache speaking traditionalist.

Paramount in Chairman Lupe's heart is characteristics of respect, integrity, and a certain unique Apache philosophy, all attributes that were passed from generations.

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