White Mountain Apache Tribal Vice-Chairman
Kasey Velasquez, M.Ed., M.A.

“Dagot’ee” Hello! The WMAT People elected Kasey B. Velasquez as the Vice Chairman of the WMAT on April 2, 2014. Vice Chairman Velasquez has been married for 26 years and has five wonderful children. His maternal clan is Bear (Nadi’gizchin) and his paternal clan is Roadrunner (Bisza’ha). Vice Chairman Velasquez has an extensive educational background. He has an Associate of Arts degree in Justice Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in law enforcement, a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology Counseling, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Vice Chair Velasquez also has a well-versed professional background. After completing the Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy, he served the WMAT as a tribal police officer beginning in 1985. Thereafter, he served as the WMAT Executive Director of Public Safety. He was also the Executive Director of the WMAT Early Childhood Development with the Head Start, Child Find, Chaghache Day Care Center, Cibecue Head Start, Cibecue Child Find, Women Infant Children. Master Degree Level Substance Abuse Counselor for the WMAT Rainbow Treatment Center a job he really enjoyed. While working for the WMAT, Vice Chairman Velasquez served as School Board President of the Theodore Roosevelt Boarding School, and President and Vice President for the Native American Grant School Association. Lastly, Vice Chairman Velasquez has experience in K-12 education where he served as a high school counselor, Junior Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Football, Freshmen Basketball, Varsity Football, Baseball and Acting Athletic Director for Alchesay High School. Vice Chairman Velasquez also worked in two Arizona Unified School Districts and one Tribally Grant Controlled School in the field of Counseling and Administration prior to being elected to the Executive Office of the Vice Chairman.

Vice Chairman believes in the importance of reserving and promoting our Apache language, songs, and culture for the Tribe’s prosperity. He fundamentally believes that education is vital to the success of every individual and encourages Apache children to strive for goals and dreams. Vice Chairman Velasquez enjoys being with his family.

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